BDC Fall, 2016 Symposium (Sept. 27-28, Washington DC)

A successful BDC Fall Symposium was held in Washington DC on September 27-28, 2016.  A combination of Government Agency Directors and Sr. Advisors were joined by outstanding leaders in the bio-industry to discuss the advancement of the bio-industry.  Presentations and Pictures will be posted to the website in the next few days.

We were honored to have Wisconsin Senator Mark Pocan provide our opening keynote.  Mark is a member of both the Paper Caucus and the Biofuels Caucus.

Steve Davies, Director of Public Affairs for Natureworks provided the after dinner renewable product success story.  What began in 1989 as a Cargill research project became the independent company of today.  Natureworks now produces numerous high value products from corn and is progressing into cellulosic feedstocks.  An award for outstanding achievement was presented to Natureworks at the Fall Symposium in Washington DC.  Click on the link below to view the press release.

2016, Sep, BDC Outstanding Achievement Award Presented to Natureworks


2016 BDC Fall Symposium Agenda

2016 BDC Fall Symposium Attendee List

1 AxegÜrd Cellulose Based Society, BDC 2016 Fall Symposium

2 Robert Downie Licella Developments and Partnerships

3 Bob Graham Ensyn Expansion of Production Capacity

4 Paul Argyropoulos EPA Co-Processing Policy

5 NAVY Chris Tindal Great Green Fleet

6 Jonathan Male BETO

7 Todd Campbell Building the Biobased Economy

8 Mike McKittrick USDA Advanced Manufacturing

9 K.Neary Loan Program Office

10 Matthew Schaker NR Canada Canadian Bioeconomy

11 Zia Haq Federal Alternative Jet Fuels R&D Strategy

12 Marc Sabourin Leaf Resources & Claeris Partner

13 Jerry Gargulak Borregaard_LignoTech Lignin Supply Initiatives & Select Manf. Project Status

14 Tim Staub Green Biologics Commercializing ABE

15 David McConnell Enerkem Biofuels from waste A commercial reality

17 Steve Davies Natureworks One Decade and Counting

Wednesday Special Presentation

Billion Ton Study Presentation DC 2016 Bryce Stokes and Mark Elless


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