BDC Spring, 2017 Symposium (May 2-3, Des Moines, IA)

The symposium marked the 10th anniversary of the formation of BDC.  In 2006, BDC was a regional organization focused on assisting the pulp and paper industry to recognize bioprocess opportunities that would improve economics of the industry and to accelerate deployment of those processes.  BDC is now an international organization, still focused on the same goals.

The meeting was held at the Embassy Suites in Des Moines, IA in conjunction with touring the impressive DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol plant in Nevada, IA.  The plant equipment is in place, but the plant was not yet running at the time of the tour.  A thorough tour and explanation of the corn stover collection and storage system was provided by DuPont. In addition, an excellent tour of Iowa State's BioCentury Farm was provided prior to the start of the BDC Symposium.

The Symposium was attended by over 50 members and guests, including U.S. and Canadian Government Agency Representatives, Forest Products Management, and BioProcess Management.  A focused program was provided on Commercial Project updates and Government Policy Information.  The make-up of the BDC membership and attendees has truly become international with the U.S., Canada, Australia, Norway, Brazil, Finland, and England being represented.

Presentations were made to both Green Biologics and BioAmber, who have shown excellent achievement in the area of deployment of bio-processes, both successfully producing and selling commercially.  Jim Millis, VP of Technology for BioAmber provided the after dinner "Success Story" to the group.

BDC 2017 Spring Symposium Agenda Final

2017 BDC Spring Symposium Attendee List


Dean Benjamin - Keynote - Trends in The BioEconomy

Paul Argyropoulos - EPA Overview

Chris Cassidy USDA Overview

JF Levasseur - Canadian Bioeconomy Overview

Robert Downie - Licella / Canfor Prince George Project

Tim Staub / Pat Simms - GB Little Falls Start Up

Gene Christiansen - Valmet BioTech Update including Lignin Presented BDC

Ensyn's Cote Nord Project

Borregaard Exilva Commercial Progress

Richard Berry - CelluForce

Beth Cormier - SAPPI Westbrook BioProducts RFP

Mark Johnson - WestRock Forest Product Biorefineries SWOT Analysis

Ray Stillwell Green Investment Grp

Jim MIllis - BioAmber Presentation


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