BDC Fall, 2015 Symposium (September 29-30, Ottawa, ON)

The BDC Symposium Addressed Canadian / US Regulations for Bioproducts and Commercial Progress in the Bio-Industry.

BDC hosted by Ensyn had record attendance at its Fall Symposium, held in Ottawa, Ontario on September 29-30. An international group of members and guests met to hear and discuss updates on commercial start-ups of cellulosic bioprocesses and activity and direction from government agencies.  The numerous highlights included:

  • Keynote by Jonathan Male, Director of Bioenergy Technologies for USDOE
  • Panel on Eligible RFS2 Pathways, which included Paul Argyropoulos, Sr. Adviser, EPA, Todd Campbell, Biomass Director, USDA, Elliot Levine, Technology Manager, USDOE, and Jean-Francois Levasseur, IFIT Program Leader, NR Canada.
  • Private business representatives, who provided varying viewpoints on the regulations, which complemented the agency presentations.
  • Commercial Progress updates provided by Licella (Commercial Project to convert biomass and lignite to bio-crude oil and chemicals in Australia and working toward NA commercial project), Borregaard/LignoTech (Lignin Joint Venture planned for North America), West Fraser (Start-up of LignoForce lignin extraction plant in Hinton, AB), Green Biologics (Repurposing Minnesota ethanol plant to n-butanol), TRI/Fulcrum (MSW to jet fuel project in Nevada), and Ensyn (Commercial plant in Refrew, ON and new plants being announced).
  • Success Story by Dr. Robert Graham, CEO and founder of Ensyn, who, based on his research and principles, had the vision to start the biofuel/biochemical company using rapid thermal processing (RTPTM) in 1984, assembled a superior management team, and built a successful bio-company, which converts cellulosic biomass to renewable fuel oil (RFOTM) and other products.  Ensyn is moving forward with new commercial projects and has a pathway approved by EPA for renewable eligibility to co-process their RFO to diesel through petroleum refineries.
  • Tour of the Ensyn facility in Renfrew, ON, which produces about 3 million gallons per year of RFO to meet a market demand for heating oil in Northeast United States and Canada.

BDC’s mission is to help deploy economic bioprocesses, operations that will be economic without government subsidy long-term.  In addition to its efforts to broker partnerships for deployment projects, it holds two symposiums each year to provide education in areas that its membership has interest and includes a related tour of a leading edge bio-facility.  BDC’s membership is made up of Forestry companies, Pulp and Paper Companies, Bioprocess Companies, and is well attended by government agencies (see members).  The diverse make-up of the membership and environment of the meeting lead to good and honest discussion that is helpful in accelerating the bio-industry progress.

The success of the meeting is due to a combination of the mission of the organization, the make-up and participation of the membership and guests, and the ingenuity and progress of the entrepreneurial management teams in the up and coming bio-industry.


2015 BDC Fall Symposium Agenda - Ottawa, ON

BDC Fall 2015 Ottawa Attendee List



01 Jonathan Male DOE Ottawa BDC 2015

02 Otavio Pontes, Stora Enso BDC Ottawa 2015

03 Len Humphreys, IER- Licella - Ottawa BDC 2015

04 Paul Argyropoulos, USDA Ottawa BDC 2015

05 Todd Campbell, USDA Ottawa BDC 2015

06 Elliott Levine, DOE Ottawa BDC 2015

07 JF Levasseur, NR Canada Ottawa BDC 2015

08 Michael Goergen, US Endowment Ottawa BDC 2015

09 Cooper Robinson, Cap-Op Ottawa BDC 2015

10 Stan Parton, F2M Ottawa BDC 2015

11 Jerry Gargalak, Borregaard_Lignotech Ottawa BDC 2015

12 Tom Browne, FP Innovations West Fraser Ottawa BDC 2015

13 Joel Stone, Green Biologics Ottawa BDC 2015

14 Dave Newport, TRI Ottawa BDC 2015

15 Bob Graham, Ensyn Ottawa BDC 2015





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