Fall 2011 BDC Mtg Agenda Columbus, OH - Oct 18-19

BDC Update - Harry Seamans


Economics and Markets for Bio Products - Dr. Bhima R. Vijayendran

Strategies to Build the Next Generation Biorefineries - Neil Rossmeissl, DOE

butylfuel Presentation on C4 Platform - Joel Stone

Old Town Fuel & Fiber - Darrell, Waite

The Microchannel Advantage: Enabling the Pioneering Projects - Jeff McDaniel, Velocys

Ashland & Biobased Chemicals - Joe Fox

Alabama Power Renewable Energy - Howard Smith, Southern Companies

DOE Loan Programs Office (LPO) - Emily Wheeler

BDC Verso Presentation - Steve Brooks

SAPPI Presentation not available

FRB Business Development Update to the BDC - Bob Byrne, FBR

Wisconsin Rapids Mill Project Independence Update - Dean Benjamin, New Page

Overview of Title IX , USDA Energy Programs - Bill Hagy

Feedstock Readiness Level Tool (FSRL), USDA-FAA Collaboration - Jeffrey Steiner


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