Spring 2011 BDC Mtg Agenda Washington DC Apr 5-6

Including the April 6 Presentation to USDA

2 John Marciano, Chadbourne & Park -Update on Regulations

3 Neil Rossmeissl, DOE, Biomass Overview

4 Valeri Lightner, DOE, Loan Guarantee Overview

5 Bill Hagy, USDA, Funding Opportunities

6 Brooke Coleman, Renewable Fuels Association, Efficiency and Cost Redux_AEC

7 Jessica Bridges, USCHPA, US CHP deployment & initiatives

8 Mark Daniel, Verso, Energy Transformation In The Forest Product Sector 2011

9 Jerry Gargulak, Borregaard Lignotech, lignon biochemicals

10 Hunter Harris, MWV, Traditional Platforms for Value Added BioChemicals

11 Theodora Retsina, API, Alpena Biorefinery

13 Doug Freeman, New Page, Wisconsin Rapids Project Independence Update

14 David Newport, TRI, Key Learnings re Pilot Plant Evolution

15 Dennis Leong, Chemtex, New Technology for Low Cost Sugars

16 Patrick Onertz, Chemrec, The BioDME Project in Sweden

17 Harry Cullinan, Auburn Univ, Overview of Bioenergy Deployment Initiative

18 Ben Thorp Overview of 3rd Nordic Biorefinery Conference 2011

April 6 Presentation to USDA

1 Harry Seamans, BDC, Pulp & Paper Industry Overview to USDA Panel

2 Bill Hagy, USDA, USDA BDC Industrial Panel

3 Jim Matheson, Parsons & Whittemore, Presentation to USDADOE 3_28_11

4 Lon Rollison, MWV, USDA_BDC slides

5 Doug Freeman, New Page, USDA Panel

6 Flambeau River Biorefinery USDA Panel Comments - April 6-2012

7 SAPPI USDA Panel Comments

8 Longview BED USDA comments

9 Mark Daniel, Verso, Views on Barriers and Solution to Biorefineries Deployment2011 for USDA mtg


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