BDC’s paying Members all sit upon the BDC Steering Committee and provide active guidance to BDC on policy issues, symposium content, activity selection, tour site selection, etc. Interaction with the Membership is an extremely valuable resource for everyone involved with BDC.

Most BDC Members are domestic, however, interaction and planning internationally has begun with new interest from several non-domestic internationally based companies.

Current BDC members meet the following general categories:
•    Industrial Producers
•    Industrial Suppliers
•    Governmental Agencies
•    Academic Institutions


Here is what our members and presenters say:

"I do believe (BDC) really is the best fact-based clearinghouse of technologies, particularly in light of (key personnel) coming from the business world."  (member Dick Carmical, CEO - Price Companies)

“Our participation in BDC gives us a wider view of the biorenewable field, allows us to add detail to our strategic energy plan and helps us make sure we include all critical elements in our implementation strategy.”  (member Mark Daniel - Verso Energy and Technology Vice President)

"BDC provides access to up-to-date information on biorenewable technology developments as well as excellent networking opportunities. BDC symposiums are definitely in the CAN'T MISS category." (Dr. Harry Cullinan – Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering, Auburn University)

“It was a pleasure to meet all of you.  You certainly put on a good program. I was happy to participate in the conference and I look forward to working with you in the future”. (John Marciano – Chadbourne & Park, LLC)

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the conference. Greg, Porter and I were all impressed with the conference, and thought the quality of all of the presentations were excellent”. (Hamang B. Patel – Michael Best & Friedrich LLP)

“Wished to thank you again for the opportunity to speak with your members at the spring meeting. It’s a very unique and constructive atmosphere and the membership aspect versus typical conference organization I believe has a lot to do with that”. (Graham Ellis – Senior Business Manager, Renewable Energy & Chemicals, UOP LLC)

“We thought the conference was outstanding with some world-class participants”. (Gregory J. Lynch – Michael Best & Friedrich LLP)

“We do see a lot of applicability for our technology to members of the BDC and are excited to pursue opportunities with them.  Thank you and the rest of the executive team of BDC for giving us this great opportunity”. (James S. Fawley,VP - Strategic Business Development,Coskata, Inc.)


An intimate group of talented people from public and private companies who are influencing the course of the emerging bioeconomy.

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