Benefits of BDC Membership

Why is Membership in BDC Valuable to You?

  • BDC has grown to be a trustworthy, reliable organization dedicated to promoting the renewable biomass-based industry, in large part in order to help keep the forest industry competitive long term.
  • The co-founders have an extensive background in the forest industry, especially in the area of pulp and paper.  Among our experiences as a whole, we have been executives in the industry. worked for the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL), opened businesses, and have experience in financing.  We have expertise in how the wood products industry works from raw materials to product transformation to markets and in dealing with customers.  We also have close relationships with government agencies and with upper management at many U.S. and Canadian companies.
  • BDC was originally formed to fill a need in the forest industry; a need to be aware of the validated deployment activities of converting biomass, especially woody biomass, to products with higher value.  This need has led to a desire to accelerate the deployment of economic processes in the bio-industry, using renewable resources.  The results are endeavors by BDC that are focused on due diligence and early deployment of economic bio-processes, which will lead to improved knowledge and optimization opportunity.
  • BDC's work is done without bias toward any particular bio-process.  The focus of the organization is on finding and determining which processes make economic sense, meaning they can be competitive with the petroleum based industry without the need for long-term government assistance.
  • BDC has established and maintains a validated list of bio-facilities in North America and have an extensive library of articles focused on the deployment of bio-facilites on our website.  The articles are organized by process and facility type and the library includes a search engine.
  • The most visible area of BDC is seen in the two symposiums held each year, which are designed to keep members abreast of what is going on in the bio-industry through presentations, discussion, and a tour of a state of the art bio-facility.  However, the main portion of the work of BDC is actually in acting as a resource and aiding members in their pursuit of deployment opportunities by doing due diligence, providing requested information, helping members seek funding, writing applications, and generally by seeking to broker partnerships between potential technical partners, host mills, and government agencies.
  • The overall value to members of BDC, then, is that BDC is an organization that is focused on helping the forest industry prepare and be ready to move forward with processes that make sense long-term to keep the industry competitive.  The co-founders are eager to assist in any area that will help secure this competitive future.
  • Current membership is about 30 members, consisting of an important diversity of members who provide much value to BDC (see Member List).   Eleven members are from the Forest Products Industry.  Membership costs are very reasonable for the value provided.  The organization is efficiently run and expenses are kept low.
  • BDC co-founders are free to perform services in other areas where there is an industry need and welcome request for assistance.


BDC Annual Membership Dues

Steering Committee membership requires  making a commitment of:
1-$10,000/year (if sales are at least $20 million/year) or
2-$5,000/year (if sales are less than $20 million/year).
3-Consultants and service providers with sales under $1,000,000 may join for $2,500.
4-There are a limited number of Academic Partner Memberships also.

Membership Provides the Following:

  • Periodic updates on governmental policy initiatives and changes
  • Access to BDC Officer as a resource to answer questions quickly or to delve into longer term issues.
  • Latest technology review and analysis
  • Personal access to leading edge technical and financial information
  • Personal interest in helping to broker partnerships to deploy successful biorenewable and CHP projects
  • Contact with and access to governmental agencies to help shape biorenewable policy
  • Invitation for attendance to semi-annual BDC symposiums
  • Invitation to tour state of the art biorenewables and biorenewable related technology deployments globally
  • Access to presentations and webinars from cutting edge technology developments and deployments
  • Information on the latest grants and grant applications to support your biorenewable development

An intimate group of talented people from public and private companies who are influencing the course of the emerging bioeconomy.

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